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My S02 main panel is not calling the programmed phone number(s). What should I do?


This article contains steps for troubleshooting the S02 main panel's feature of calling one or more phone numbers in the event of an alarm, and playing a recorded message when the phone call is answered.

If your system is not calling the programmed phone numbers when the alarm is triggered, please refer to the steps below.


Reprogram the phone number(s) in the system

To correct any possible typing errors that may have occurred when originally entering the phone number(s) into the system, reprogram the number(s) now.

The S02 main panel can store up to 6 separate phone numbers. Those numbers are stored in slots which are given slot numbers. The slot numbers range from 31-37. The system will call the number in slot 31 first, then 32, and so on.

To program a phone number into the system, enter the following in the main panel:

  • <4-digit password>, #
  • <2-digit slot number>, *
  • <phone number>, #
  • Return

You can also try entering the phone number in different formats, in case the phone company is mishandling the dialing sequence. For example, try entering the phone number with or without an area code, and with or without the leading country code. Here are some examples of alternate ways to enter a US phone number (enter just numbers, no symbols):

  • 1 (509) 555-1212
  • (509) 555-1212
  • 555-1212


Confirm the phone line is plugged into panel's Out Line jack

On the side of the S02 main panel, there are 2 phone jacks. One is labeled "Telephone," and the other one is labeled "Out Line."

You should plug the landline phone cable into the "Out Line" jack, and leave the "Telephone" jack empty. (The "Telephone" jack is used for listening to a recorded message, but is not used during normal operation of the system.)

If it is plugged into the correct "Out Line" jack, but it is still not working, then please re-seat the cable by unplugging it and plugging it back in. 


Check that the phone line has an active dial tone

The phone line itself may not actually be delivering a dial tone to the panel. You can test this by plugging in the phone cable into a land line phone and testing inbound and outbound calls with that phone.

If the phone line is not able to deliver a dial tone to the main panel, try swapping the phone cable out for a known working phone cable.

  • Note:  Also test by removing the main panel's power cable from the wall, and leave it unplugged with the main panel using battery power. Then test the phone line again. If the main panel can make calls when the power cable is disconnected, but not when it's connected, please contact our Customer Support team for further assistance.


Remove any other devices / splitters on the same line

If there are any other devices sharing the same phone line (such as an answering machine, fax machine, telephone, or other device), please remove them from the phone line for testing purposes.

Once you have the main panel connected to your phone line coming from the wall (or the modem for a VoIP connection), with no splitters or other devices on the line, test the alarm system again.


If these steps do not resolve the issue, please contact our Customer Support team for further assistance.

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