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Wireless Doorbell


This article contains instructions for programming a Wireless Doorbell with your Fortress Security Store alarm system.

Programming Wireless Doorbell with Sensor or Motion Detector:

  1. Turn off any motion detectors to avoid accidentally programming them.
  2. On the doorbell, hold down the volume button until the blue circular light starts flashing.
  3. Press the Tone Select button as many times as needed to select the desired tone.
  4. Trigger the sensor. The tone will start over.
    (For contact sensors, pull the magnet away from the transmitter on the side with the two LED lights. For standard motion sensors, switch the sensor off and then back on.)
  5. Trigger the sensor again. The tone will start over again.
  6. On the doorbell, hold down the volume button until the light stops flashing.
  7. Turn on any motion detectors that may have been turned off.
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