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The S02 Main Panel's buttons don't respond / are delayed


We have found that the S02 main panel rubber buttons can sometimes be a bit difficult to press, or will exhibit a delay after the button press before it is recognized.

We recommend to always try to firmly press directly in on the center of the button, then wait to hear a beep from the panel to confirm that it was recognized.

If the alarm is sounding, it is important to know how to quickly disarm the system. Some customers have reported trouble with reliably pressing the 'Disarm' button. Here are some alternate ways to disarm that might work better in case the 'Disarm' button is not responding:

Alternate disarm method 1:
- Disarm using a remote key fob's 'Disarm' button (a symbol of an unlocked padlock).

Alternate disarm method 2:
- Enter <your 4-digit password>, then '#,' then 'Return'.

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