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Wireless RFID Keypad


This article contains instructions for programming a Wireless Secondary Keypad with RFID to the GSM main panel.

NOTE: If you purchased the keypad as part of a kit, then it has been pre-programmed to the main panel already, and no other programming is needed. Follow these steps below if you have purchased a keypad separately, and are now adding it to an existing system.

Programming RFID Keypad with GSM main panel:

  1. Plug in the RFID Keypad into the wall power, and turn the power switch ON.
    Be careful to not press the tamper switch on the back at this time.
  2. On the Main Panel, enter your 6-digit SET password, then press Enter.
  3. Select 'Remote Control' by pressing Enter.
  4. Select the first available remote control slot and press Enter (e.g. If you have 3 remote key fobs, then the first available slot is #4).
  5. Select 'Coding' by pressing Enter.
  6. Press the tamper switch on the back of the RFID keypad. The string of zeros on the main panel will be replaced by a string of numbers.
  7. Press Enter on the main panel to Save. Press ESC to back out to the main screen.
  8. Turn the RFID Keypad OFF, then back ON. Be careful to not press the tamper switch.
  9. You can test the system by entering the Keypad password on the RFID Keypad (default '123456') and then pressing the 'Home' button to arm the system in 'Home' mode. You can then also disarm the system by pressing the 'Unlock' button on the Keypad.

Changing the Keypad password:

The RFID Keypad's default password is '123456'. 

  1. Enter the Keypad's current 6-digit password, then press Enter.
  2. Press 3, 0, then the new 6-digit password, then Enter.
  3. Type in the new 6-digit password again to confirm, then press Enter again.
  4. Press the 'Chime' key to exit programming.
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