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Smoke Alarm


This article contains instructions for programming a Smoke Alarm with the S02 system.

NOTE: If you purchased the smoke alarm as part of a kit, then it has been pre-programmed to the main panel already, and no other programming is needed. Follow these steps below if you have purchased a smoke alarm separately, and are now adding it to an existing system.

Programming Smoke Alarm with S02 main panel:

Before beginning, decide on a Zone # to add the smoke alarm to. This should be a zone between 01 and 08, as only those zones can be set to 'Emergency' mode for the smoke alarm to work correctly. We recommend programming the Smoke Alarm on an empty zone by itself.

  1. Turn off any motion detectors to prevent accidentally programming them.
  2. On the Main Panel, enter the following:
    <your 4-digit password> #
    7 # <2-digit zone number> #
  3. Press the Test button on the Smoke Alarm. Your panel will beep twice.
  4. On the Main Panel, press Return. Then, to set the Zone to 'Emergency,' enter the following:
    <your 4-digit password> #
    * <2-digit zone number>
    2 3 #
  5. Turn on any motion detectors that were turned off.


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