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What type of SIM card should I purchase for my Total Security system?


This article applies to the Total Security Alarm System.

For information about the GSM Alarm System and SIM cards, see What type of SIM card should I purchase for my GSM system?

To be alerted by phone when an alarm goes off, and to control the Total Security system remotely, an active SIM card must be inserted into the main panel.

SIM Card Size

The Total Security system has a SIM card slot that supports all sizes of SIM cards. If a full-sized or Micro-sized SIM card is not working, try using a Nano-sized SIM card, as those have been found to sometimes be seated more easily in the main panel.

SIM Card / Cellular Service Providers

When purchasing a SIM card for use in the Total Security alarm system, make sure that it is a GSM SIM card.

  • T-Mobile, AT&T, and Ting SIM cards are compatible.
  • We do not recommend purchasing SIM cards from Verizon, Sprint, or AlarmSIM.

Billing Plans

We also recommend that you can purchase a SIM card on a prepaid or pay-as-you-go plan. This is typically less expensive than adding an additional line of service to an existing cellular plan.

The system uses talk time and texting, but no data is required.

Next-Generation Cellular Technology

The Total Security system is fully compatible with 3G and 4G towers.

SIM Card Activation

Some SIM providers may require activating the SIM card. See also How can I find my Total Security panel's IMEI number?

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