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Pairing S02 or GSM Sensors with the Fortress Doorbell


Please follow the steps exactly, or the sensor you are programming may replace the remote and any other sensors you have programmed.

  1. Hold down volume button until the blue circular light on the doorbell starts flashing
  2. Press the tone select button as many times as needed to select the desired tone
  3. Trigger the sensor. The tone will start over.
    (For contact sensors, pull the magnet away from the transmitter on the side with the two LED lights. For standard motion sensors, switch the sensor off and then back on.)
  4. Trigger the sensor again. The tone will start over again.
  5. Hold down the volume button until the light stops flashing
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    William Grafrath

    Two questions:
    1) Please clarify how programming the doorbell "may replace the remote and any other sensors you have programmed". Does this mean that I may inadvertantly cause my sensors or keychain remotes to be unpaired from my GSM system?
    2) How do you remove the pairing of a sensor with the doorbell? I forgot to turn off my motion detector when I was associating my doors with the doorbell to ring a chime when they are opened. Now the doorbell is associated with my motion detector. Obviously this is incredibly annoying and makes the motion detector or doorbell unusable since having them both turned on means constant chiming.

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    Darryl Howard

    William, this worked for me, but I can't guarantee your results.

    Put the chime in programming mode by pressing and holding the volume button. Once the blue circle starts flashing, press and hold the tune select button until the blue circle stops flashing.

    When I did this the door sensor I had linked was no longer linked, but the doorbell button still worked. If the above steps happen to unlink your doorbell button, I assume that you can put the chime in programming mode, select your tune, and press the doorbell button to link it.

    Good luck!

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    Darryl Howard

    I think that the warning about replacing the remote and other sensors refers only to the doorbell button and any sensors that you have linked to the chime. For the doorbell chime, the pairing process is completely separate from that of the alarm panel.

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    Raymond Little

    Will this mess up my sensor to door alarm if i program it to door bell at same time

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    Darryl Howard


    Linking your door sensor to your door bell should not cause any problem with your alarm panel's connection to the sensor. The door sensor broadcasts a signal when it is separated from its magnet. Your alarm panel is already programmed to receive and respond to that signal. Programming your door chime to respond to the door sensor's signal will have no impact on your alarm panel's ability to receive the sensor's signal.

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