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▶ My wireless strobe siren doesn't work/I have a new wireless strobe siren


The video below walks you through registering the siren with the Main Panel. If you are unable to watch the video, read carefully through these steps and then follow them exactly.

  1. Ensure Main Panel is powered and press Disarm (open lock symbol) on a remote control
  2. Unplug the Main Panel’s attached siren (to avoid noise)
  3. Press the Alarm button (speaker icon) on the remote control
    The Main Panel LCD display shows the remote control’s zone and the alarm LED is on
  4. Turn the remote siren upside down and plug it in
    The siren will make a two-toned chirp then beep twice after a couple of seconds.
    The siren is now powered up correctly.
  5. Using a ballpoint pen or similar, hold down the RESET/CODE button for several seconds
    The siren emits a beep
  6. Press the Disarm (open lock symbol) on the remote
    The remote siren emits several beeps
  7. Immediately disconnect the siren’s power cable for 3 seconds then reconnect
    The remote siren emits a beep
    The siren is now programmed. Test by triggering your alarm. Be aware the wireless range of this siren is limited.

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