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  • To arm the system if you are leaving the house, simply hold down the Out button for 3 seconds. The Out light will begin blinking for 30 seconds allowing you time to leave the house. After that the Out light will come on solid and the system is armed.
  • To disarm the system, enter your four digit password (e.g. 1234) and press Disarm
  • If you are home and want the system armed, simply hold down the home button for 3 seconds. In the Home mode, it arms right away, there is no delay.
  • If you press the Emergency button, the alarm sounds immediately and it starts calling the phone numbers you have added
  • The Program, Confirm, and Return buttons are used during programming
  • To enter Programming Mode, enter your password and then # (or Program)
  • To leave Programming Mode, enter the Return key or wait for 30 seconds
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