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▶ Recording Message


  • To record a 10 second message that plays over the phone when the alarm system calls you, enter PASSWORD # or PASSWORD PROGRAM, then 6 #.
  • Speak clearly into the Mic on the side of the unit while the panel counts down from 10
  • To listen to your message, connect a phone to the Telephone jack on the unit. On the alarm panel press PASSWORD #, pick up the telephone handset, press a button on the telephone to clear the dial tone, and then press 6 * on the alarm panel. You will hear the message played on the handset and the panel will count up from 1.
  • Another way to listen to your message is to press the Emergency button to cause an instant alarm and let the alarm panel call you. When you answer you will hear the message. If you pick up partway through the message, simply wait a moment and the message will repeat.
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