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▶ S02 Main Panel


  • On the side is the siren port, where the wired siren plugs in
  • Also on the side is the Out Line port, where you plug in a phone line connected to a wall jack, modem, or VoIP device (like MagicJack)
  • The Telephone port is simply a "pass through" jack—if you want to run your existing phone through the system. Otherwise you can use a splitter to connect both your phone and the main panel
  • The Mic lets you record a 10 second message that is played back over the phone when the alarm is triggered. You can also use the Mic to listen in when the system calls you or you call into the system and enter your passcode
  • The power cord plugs into the top of the panel
  • The antenna on the top should not need to be extended unless you are trying to use sensors more than 150 feet away from the main panel
  • The mounting bracket included in the package hooks into the two holes on the back of the panel
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