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These videos are also embedded on individual pages. The individual pages also contain clarifying information, updates, and written instructions. We highly recommend you use the individual video pages.

There are over 20 videos embedded on this page. If your computer freezes or slows down while viewing this page, simply view the individual video pages.

Intro Video


Window/Door Contact Sensor


Window/Door Contact Sensor Applying Tape




Remote Fob


Panic Button


Motion Sensor


Main Panel


Demonstration of Window/Door Contacts

Programming Videos


Recording Message


Phone Numbers


Main Panel Programming


Main Panel Operation


Additional Accessories


Alarm Chirp


Alarm Delay


Alarm Sounding


Change Password


Change System Zone Setting


Door Chime


Outside Alarm


Phone Line Cut


Remote Control System


Reset System


Set Ring Time


Wireless Strobe Siren

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    victor white

    excellent tutorials!

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    jim shaw

    very pleased with tutorials these would help any one who is not certain about installation excellent

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