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▶ Changing Zone Type Setting


  • You can only change the zone type of zones 01 - 08
  • This works with any kind of sensor
  • There are 4 zone types:
    • 1 - Instant Zone: Instantly alarms the system when trigged
    • 2 - Delay Zone: When triggered waits a specified amount of time before alarming the system. The system will beep repeatedly to let you know it is counting down time before the alarm comes on. You might want to set this up for your front door or door coming in from your garage.
    • 3 - Emergency Zone: Sensors in a zone that's set to Emergency will set off the alarm no matter if it's armed in Out Mode, Home Mode, or if it's disarmed. This is essential for accessories like smoke alarms and water sensors. If you get new sensors that should be set to emergency mode, don't forget to change this setting.
    • 5 - Away/Out Armed: Only active in Out Mode. Not active during Home Mode or when disarmed. Zones 01 - 03, which contain the motion detectors, are set to this mode by default.

To enable change the zone type for a zone:

PASSWORD # * [two digit zone number] 2 [1 digit zone type] # RETURN

Example - changing the zone type of zone 08 to Emergency Zone:

PASSWORD # * 08 2 3 # RETURN

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