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Answering Machine Compatiblity


If you have an answering machine and the alarm system connected to the same phone line, the device set to answer after the lowest number of rings will answer when you call the phone number. E.g. if the alarm system is set for three rings and the answering machine is set for six rings, the alarm system will always pick up instead of the answering machine.

However, if you set the number of rings on the alarm system to match the number of rings on the answering machine, you may be able to get them to pick up at the same time. The timing will vary from phone system to phone system—you may have to use 1 or 2 more rings than the answering machine.

When they pick up at the same time, you will hear over the phone a beep from the alarm system control panel and the greeting playing from your answering machine. At this time you can enter the 4-digit passcode for the alarm system and then press #. You can then arm the system by pressing 1, disarm by pressing 2, or listen in with *.

If you successfully set up the alarm system to answer at the same time as the answering machine, callers to your phone number can leave a message on your answering machine but you will still be able to call in to your home phone number and arm or disarm the alarm system.

This workaround does not work for voicemail services that are provided by your phone company.

This article applies to the S02 Alarm System only.

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