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  • On the side is the On/Off switch—when turned to Off, all power is cut to the detector
  • The red light on the front flashes when the sensor detects movement
  • Once the sensor detects movement, it's going to wait 30 - 60 seconds before it senses movement again
  • The ball slides onto the back of the motion detector. Then screw the mounting bracket into your wall and pop the ball into the bracket.
  • Once mounted, you can freely tilt the up, down, and to each side
  • The antenna on top generally does not need to be extended unless you are trying to use the sensor farther than 150 feet from the main panel
  • Removing the screw from the top allows you to remove the front panel and replace the 9 volt battery used to power the sensor

Standard Motion Detectors now have the Fortress logo on the sensor, as shown in the image below.

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