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What type of SIM card should I purchase for my GSM system?


This article applies to the GSM Alarm System.

For information about the Total Security System and SIM cards, see What type of SIM card should I purchase for my Total Security system?

  • T-Mobile, AT&T, and Ting SIM cards are compatible.
  • We do not recommend purchasing SIM cards from Verizon, Sprint, or AlarmSIM.
  • In Canada, the larger carriers that are compatible are Rogers and Fido.
  • The GSM panel is compatible with 2G cellular service, but not 3G or 4G at this time.
  • The system uses talk time and texting, but no data is required.
  • You may insert a SIM card at the time of installation, or at any later time.

Some SIM providers may require activating the SIM card. See also How can I find my GSM panel's IMEI number?


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    Kris Reese

    I went into a local AT&T store and they handed me a SIM card so that I could activate it later. You can activate it online by going to Choose GoPhone wireless phone and follow the prompts. I initially purchased only $10 worth of time for testing purposes so that I would have minimal loss in the event there was not adequate reception in my area. Keep in mind that any purchase for less than $100 is only good for a limited time. If you purchase the $100 refill, it is my understanding that it is good for 1 yr.

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    Reggie J

    You can got to and get a great deal on a SIM card that was designed for home security systems. These SIM cards can work on AT&T or T-Mobile depending on your area. The think I like about it is that once you put money in your account, it stays there until you use it and never expires. The rates are good too... for T-Mobile (the one I got for my storage unit) is only $0.15 a minute for calls, outgoing text messages are only $0.15 each and incoming text messages are free. There are no monthly fees or anything like that and your airtime rolls over until you use it. Great customer service and very helpful if you've never done this before. They worked with me until I figured out how to use my system. Check them out if you want to save some money.

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    Reggie J

    One more thing I almost forgot... a lot of people don't know this but if you purchase a SIM card from AlarmSIM and use the coupon code: FORTRESS at check out you get an additional discount on your SIM card... thought you might like to know that.

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    Carlos Santos

    I thought I'd share my personal experience with this company. I learned of the Alarm SIM service here and placed an order on Dec 4. It's Dec 13 and the item still hasn't shipped and this was confirmed via email today by a Ricky Guthrie via email (he said in an email dated today, Dec 13, that item will ship Monday, Dec 15 - that's 11 days after placing the order!). I think that's unacceptable. When I mentioned I would give negative reviews given the delay in shipment, he responded by saying "we don't take lightly to threats" - unacceptable demeanor. I find that to be really rude.

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    Vincent Kelley

    T-Mobile offers a sim card for $15 set up and $3 per month.

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    Nancy D.

    I absolutely love my Fortess system in conjunction with my alarmsim card!

    Mr. Santos (above) must be one of those people that orders free shipping and then gripes about the delivery time. I have had alarmsim as my service provider since June of last year with no issues and have had nothing but excellent customer service...

    People like Mr. Santos must not read the clearly stated delivery times on their website... Free shipping please allow 7-10 business days for delivery... if he ordered on the 4 of December and was griping on the 13 of December that was only six business days.

    Mr. Santos is probably not even a real customer but instead a competitor or something trying to bash the alarmsim company.

    Anyways, thank you Fortress for the easy to use system and thank you Alarmsim for the great service!

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    Eddy Clayton

    I'm so excited about this that I almost concluded that this has been one of the most surprising things in my life. Positively surprising of course. I'm usually known to be thorough person, and I've acted in such fashion when I began searching and looking trough solutions with SIM card plans. I've been overcharged before, and I didn't want to, or should I say, couldn't allow that to happen to me again.

    Then I came across the AlarmSIM card plans for my Fortress home security system. Incredible. I've literally never been more satisfied any system and card plans like I am right now. Yes, I know we're talking about SIM cards here but I just felt the urge to share how I really feel right now.

    When I first started my research, almost anyone I know only recommended the most known and traditional providers. That's because they didn't know any better, and I don't blame them - neither did I. Until now.

    Anyways, I just wanted to let everybody know how much I'm enjoying my AlarmSIM card plan right now. Not only did I save money with these amazingly low fees, but I also saved lots of time! The package appeared at my doorstep way sooner than I anticipated!

    I can only hope things will stay the same and that these excellent services will be provided years to come. If they do, I know I'll be here to support you, simply amazing.

    Thank you so much!
    Eddy C.

  • Avatar

    Just got my AlarmSIM card today and I'm so excited! The activation was quick and also said it could take 48 hours for your services to all work but mine were working as soon as I put it in the Fortress system we got a yard sale... what a deal... system $100 and SIM card with no monthly payments. Priceless.

  • Avatar

    Fortress Security: Im very very happy with my product. There are family members who will be repeating what I purchased. Something else that surprised my socks off... I had an issue with a plug that came with the outdoor siren. I called and left a message, fortress called me back, I explained the issue with the plug ... all i needed was a new plug. They sent me a plug and a siren. That was well unexpected ... anyways kudos to you guys.

    AlarmSim: Im not very happy with you guys right now. I ordered a sim card 14 days from todays date. USPS says my card will be here tommorow but had I not emailed you guys, who knows when I would have a tracking notice when the card comes in. I ordered the sim card with a rush order because i needed this card sooner than a non rush order. They didnt rush a bit. The excuse was they havent shipped it yet because they have exploded with orders and are in the process of expanding the facility and working to train more people. Let me tell you this ... you should state that when people are ordering sim cards so they know when to expect the card. Also, "fortress" was not honored in the discount. When I receive the card I will make another comment on how it goes.

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    K Herner

    Hi. I had to use the coupon code in all caps or it will not work.

    Like this: FORTRESS and then it worked for me and gave me a discount.

    I ordered my SIM about a month ago and it was about a week late. It's worth it though because I'm saving money.

    I had no issues with the AlarmSIM support group... they actually credited my account with some free airtime for the delay and I thought that was a genuine gesture on their behalf, without my having to even ask.

    I think it's great they are growing and with growing comes a few 'groing pains' I guess lol

    To sum it up, kudos to you guys at AlarmSIM and we love the Fortress system. Very happy here... K.H.

    "Any situation is what one chooses to make of it; so try to make good."


  • Avatar

    Well, my friend has AlarmSIM- she purchased it last year with no problems. I'm going to give them a try and see how it goes. I just placed my order with AlarmSIM, via their website at around 7:00 PM 4/30/15.

    They seem to be running some type of promotion for free rush shipping. I copied this from their webpage (I hope they don't mind):

    We are now operating from our new facility! Our shipments are being sent out faster than ever before! Take Advantage of Our FREE RUSH PROCESSING ($16.00 Value)! Offer ends soon. USE CODE: RUSHFREE

    I will update this page when I receive a tracking number and again when I receive the SIM. It's such a great service I hope I receive the SIM quicker than some of the reviews I've read lately :/ I guess we'll see.

  • Avatar

    Update!! It appears I'm off to a great start so far.

    I ordered my SIM card on April 30 (Thursday night). I received an e-mail from AlarmSIM yesterday (May 01) with a shipping number.

    I just tracked my package and it left a sort facility out of Fayetteville, NC this morning (Saturday May 02). The USPS site says my expected delivery date is Monday, May 4th- Remember, this is with the free rush shipping coupon I used: RUSHFREE

    I will report back on Monday whether or not my SIM card arrived and to let you all know what I think of the service.

    Fingers crossed...

  • Avatar

    Final update: I received my AlarmSIM card on Monday, May 4th (just like the USPS said). I went online and activated my SIM card Tuesday and installed the SIM on Tuesday night. Everything worked for me just as soon as I powered my device on with the new AlarmSIM card installed. I thought I would wait a few days to see how my service is going before updating. Today is the fifth day using my SIM card and it seems to be working just fine! I'm happy to have a cheaper service than before and using my Fortress system is saving me that $50 ADT charge every month so in the famous words of Phil (Duck Dynasty), I'm Happy, Happy, Happy!

  • Avatar

    Ok I am happy that America have this great deal! I have one for myself and I love the Fortress. I get the AlarmSIM card too and happy at this too :) Now for to get my Papi a system for día del padre! (father's day) I see they are having a big sale at AlarmSIM to get my SIM card for only $14.99 (american money price) you might want to try this one.

    feliz día del padre a todos ustedes, padres ! Estoy contento con la fortaleza y AlarmSIM productos :)

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